RIO 2016

The Qualification Process

Rio 2016 will be the seventh time badminton is being held as an Olympic medal sport.

A total of 172 players in five categories – Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles – will participate in the badminton competition from 11 to 20 August 2016.

The qualification period for the Olympic contenders was from 4 May 2015 to 1 May 2016. The World Ranking lists of 5 May 2016 were used to allocate the quota places in the five categories.

Sixteen pairs will contest in each doubles category. An NOC (National Olympic Committee) can have a maximum of two pairs if both are within the top 8 of the World Ranking list of 5 May 2016. The 16 pairs in each doubles category must include pairs from all five BWF Continental Confederations, provided that the pairs are ranked within the top 50 on the cut-off date (5 May 2016).

In singles, there are 34 individual quota places for men and an identical number of quota places for women.  An NOC can have a maximum of two players if both are ranked within the top 16 of the World Rankings on the cut-off date.

Each singles category must have at least one player from each of the five Continental Confederations. Besides this, there is a reserved spot for a player from the host NOC and three spots for IOC’s Tripartite Invitation Commission places in each singles category. As there were no eligible Tripartite candidates in Women’s Singles, the three places were reallocated on the basis of ranking.

The total of 41 places in Men’s Singles includes the initial quota of 34 with representatives from all five continental confederations. As hosts Brazil have a player qualifying on ranking within the top 34 quota places, the host place was reallocated. Additionally, three places were reallocated in Men’s Singles due to male players qualifying in two events.

There are a total of 41 places in Women’s Singles too. Six reallocated places were made available in Women’s Singles as a result of female players participating in two events and due to the reallocation of Tripartite places. Brazil’s representative will take up the host’s quota in Women’s Singles.

The deadline for all entries is 18 July 2016. The draw will be held on 26 July in Rio.

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Players qualify based on their performances during the 52-week qualifying period from 4 May 2015 to 1 May 2016.

The World Ranking lists of 5 May 2016 will be used to allocate the athletes’ quota places in all five categories. Each list will be based on points accumulated during the qualifying period.

The total number of players allocated to badminton cannot exceed 172. The exact number of singles and doubles players between Olympics may vary as some players qualify for more than one event. A player cannot play in more than two events at a particular Olympics.

The initial number of athletes in each singles event is 38 (before reallocation of quota places to singles for athletes participating in both singles and doubles), while in each doubles event it is 32 (16 pairs).

In singles, the BWF World Ranking lists of 5 May 2016 will be used to allocate 34 individual quota places for men and 34 individual quota places for women to the highest ranked athletes, respecting the maximum quota allocation per NOC per event, and including at least one athlete from each of the five BWF Continental Confederations.

The competition consists of group play followed by knock-out. In singles, the number of groups will be based on the number of competitors. The number of seeds will correspond to the number of groups. There shall be up to 16 seeds in the main draw of singles.

The top ranked player from each group will qualify for the knock-out.

In doubles, the 16 pairs will be divided into four groups. The top two pairs from each group will qualify for the knock-out. A fresh draw (only for doubles) will be made for the knock-out stage. Pairs from the same group will be separated in the knock-out stage.

Players/pairs from a particular NOC will not be drawn in the same group.