Race to Tokyo - BWF Olympic Qualification

Last updated : Tue, 15 Jun, 12:00 am

Note: This is not a final list of qualifiers. This ranking is a representation of which players/pairs could qualify if this ranking list (based only on the accrual of world ranking points from tournaments within the Olympic Qualification Period) was used to determine the list of qualifiers. Tripartite Commission positions and host positions have not been confirmed at this time, but is likely that a number of these positions will be utilised. As such, the ranking lists for men’s singles and women’s singles should be viewed as having a minimum of 34 positions. Players presently shown in positions above 34 are subject to confirmation of the final number of Tripartite Commission positions and hosts positions, and also subject to final confirmation of the reallocation process for players in more than one event. Furthermore, this ranking assumes that all players are eligible to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as per the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Charter. A player may be removed from this ranking should BWF determine that this player does not meet the IOC eligibility criteria.